Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Late Joys grow peaches on the cherry tree

The Late Joys Newsletter

April 1, 2009

Hi, everyone!

I remember in some early grade school classroom learning the "April Fools Day" song. Something about gorillas in chicken coops and peaches growing on cherry trees. That sort of thing can really stick with a young mind. Uh...and an older one, apparently. Even if the fauna and fruit are phonies.

Don't let the date of this missive fool you, however: Everything below is absolutely TRUE!

The band's busier than ever this April: TRUE!

We've scored the Tuesday Happy Hour slot at Momo's, as well as the more traditional night-time gigs at The Parlor and The Carousel Lounge. Please come out and hear us!

We're cutting up that DVD from our EXSE acoustic show: TRUE!

Look for cuts from the live taping coming to an online destination near you soon.

We're on Twitter: TRUE.

But everyone is these days, from your kids to your Congressman, so I suppose this is not really news. On the other hand, you can follow most of us if tweeting is your thing! @robipolgar, @lopezepol, @andy_macleod. Shane is a self-proclaimed Luddite and will have nowt to do with tweeting. And that's the truth!


The Late Joys

Andy, Patrick, Shane and Robi

Check out the sound and the truthiness of The Late Joys.



The Parlor, 100B East North Loop, 78752

Monday, April 6, 9pm

No Cover


Acoustic Trio (Patrick, Shane and Robi) perform for pizza & suds

Momo's 618 West 6th Street, Suite 200, 78701

Tuesdays in April, 5pm - 6:45pm

No Cover

18 and over

We're making Happy Hour happier every Tuesday in April

The Carousel Lounge, 1110 E. 52nd, 78752

Wednesday, April 22, 9pm

No Cover

Kick up your heels on the dance floor in front of the pink elephant


More About Momo's

This is our first foray into the swank upstairs live music room and you can tell we're excited...we want to be sure to fill it with happy smiling, imbibing faces. Yours!

If you work in the downtown area, or if you know anyone who works downtown, please drop by/entice them to drop by for one of the upcoming happy hours. We'll be giving stuff away from the bucket-o-merch to lucky winners each week. Thanks!

Catch us for Happy Hours every Tuesday in April (4/7, 4/14, 4/21 and 4/28 if you're keeping score!). Fun starts at 5pm.


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The Late Joys

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