Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rehearsal Blues Turn to Reds

The days I don't want to go to band practice are the days that my body hurts in places I didn't even know I had; when I didn't get even a hint of a good night's sleep (thanks, thrice-a-night meowing cat; thanks early morning boy space-invader); when the workday drags like some biblical figure carrying some hulking great piece of wood to his death site; when I have ideas for songs but don't get to do any prep on them; when I know I have to bring all that gear back to the music lab because I took it all home after the gig; when I read about some other band's tiny success and wonder "for us: when, when, when?"

Then, of course, those nights of rehearsing are the best. Invariably. A soul-reigniting kick-start from the music as played by guys who really enjoy making it all sound good. This is going to be one of those nights.

UPDATE: It's still "one of those days" as life and scheduling play their cruel tricks: Drummer Andy is stuck at work tonight. No matter, I still think it'll all sound/feel great, even if it's just me sitting on the back patio and warbling at the back yard.

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