Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Late Joys (Nov.) Newsletter

Who ya gonna call?
October 29, 2009

Hi, everyone!

You may not be afraid of no ghosts, and, uh, neither are we...ahem...but seeing as we're about to pass from All Hallow's Eve through the Day of the Dead (a two-day affair -- what's with the dead getting to double...uh...down on their "day" anyway?), we're about as joyful as you can be that the days are shorter and nights longer and we're heading for November. And why not: four happy hour gigs at Momo's, some under-the-radar events, new tunes and, on the horizon, a first gig at Cedar Street: our joy meter is doin' the monster mash!

The Late Joys
Andy, Patrick, Shane, Scottie and Robi

Check out the sound and the purple people eaters of The Late Joys.



Tuesdays in November, 5pm-6:45pm
Momo's Happy Hour
618 W. 6th Street, 78701
No cover
All-ages show
Catch us in a variety of lineups -- from full-bore band to acoustic bandlet -- as we return for the happiest of hours at Momo's all month long! Read more below.

Friday, November 20
Private party!

Monday, January 11
Cedar Street Courtyard
208 W. 4th Street, 78701
Lookin' forward to a big gig in the heart of the warehouse district! (Happy Birthday, Denise O!)



With four Tuesdays to play with we're showing a little flexibility with our lineups (seeing as not all of us are available for all four gigs!). Please peruse the following menu and choose as many dishes as you like:

Tuesday, November 3: Songs You Ain't Never Heard Before*
Robi plays acoustic tunes that the band either hasn't performed in years or has never done, including the Wigan Pier Suite (or, in this case, maybe "suet" is the more apt word). *Disclaimer: You may have heard some of these songs before.

Tuesday, November 10: The Late Joys play all-out rock AND roll in our full lineup. Might even debut a new song or two...hint...

Tuesday, November 17: Songs You Ain't Never Heard Before II*
Robi's back for more acoustic strumming and warbling, swapping out some of those old tunes for still older ones. *Disclaimer: If you dropped in on 11/3, you may be disappointed at the novelty aspect of the proceedings. On the other hand, Scottie should be strumming along this time!

Tuesday, November 24: Another full lineup outing for the Late Joys. Technically our last gig of 2009, but you never know...



Download our tunes via this way-cool site in all sorts of familiar and unfamiliar formats!

Get your free Late Joys music here.

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