Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Brit-Pop: Now with 100% More Brit

Scotsman Andy Macleod Picks Up the Sticks

The Late Joys march to the beat of a different drummer these days. Please welcome the newest member of band, Andy Macleod, a Scotsman who keeps things pleasantly up-tempo with his snappy drumming. Andy hails from Glasgow, where he got his early kicks, though more recently you might have seen him strolling les boulevards de Paris avec sa femme. A near-contemporary of the older elements of the band, Andy grew up listening to the same music that warped us in our youth. We like his sound, and Andy's fit right into the Late Joys groove after only a couple of months rehearsing and gigging. Look for a new demo in the fall with Andy leading the rhythm section. Ya bas!

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